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Lucky Bamboo Plant (3 Layers) with Glass Bowl

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The Lucky Bamboo plant has a great contribution to feng shui as they are believed to bring good fortune and luck when given as a gift or simply growing them. Lucky Bamboo plants are grown in water but can strive in the soil. These tough stalks can survive in vases of pure water or in soil, and in a wide variety of light conditions.

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Care Instructions

  • Keep the Lucky bamboo plant away from direct sunlight to avoid overheat from sun exposure.
  • Do not spray water or mist in the lucky bamboo leaves, a gentle wiping will remove dust or dirt from them.
  • Avoid the use of chlorinated water as it may cause damage to the plant. Maintain the water level to keep the roots submerged in water.
  • Change the water, clean the roots of the plant, and pot once a week to keep plants healthy.

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