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An Initiative of Prakriti Bandhu.

(A Non-Profit Environmental Trust)

We are on a mission to combat
Global warming, by helping and
inspiring people to go green and
to live in harmony with Nature.


An Initiative of Prakriti Bandhu.

(A Non-Profit Environmental Trust)

We are on a mission to combat
Global warming, by helping and
inspiring people to go green and
to live in harmony with Nature.

Largest Garden Center

Spread on twelve acres of serene atmosphere

Best Palm Collection

With over 100 species, the Largest Palm collection

Experienced Team

Have created thousands of gardens in India

Quality products

We believe in offering the best of healthy plants

What We Offer

Our mission is to fight global warming by encouraging and helping people to go green and live in harmony with nature.

Home Garden Service

Transform your living space with our bespoke garden services. Tailored to thrive in your home


Elevate your outdoor area with our professional landscaping designs. A touch of nature, a leap in beauty.

Office Greening

Boost productivity and well-being with our office greening solutions. Green spaces for creative minds.

Gift Plants

Share the joy of greenery with our curated selection of gift plants. Perfect for any occasion, any season, every home

Indoor Plants

Bring the outdoors in with our range of indoor plants. Fresh air, fresh decor

Sculptured Plants

Art meets nature with our sculptured plants. Unique shapes for unique spaces.

Outdoor Plants

Enhance your garden’s appeal with our robust outdoor plants. Ready for the elements.

Towering Trees

Majestic trees to create your private oasis. Sky-high beauty for your garden.

Exclusive Palms

Tropical elegance at your fingertips with our exclusive palms. Resort vibes at home.

Exclusive Pots & Planters

Complement your plants with our exclusive pots and planters. Style meets functionality.

Potting Media

The foundation for plant growth. Our potting media ensures your plants flourish.

Garden Needs

From fertilizers to tools, find all your garden essentials here. Everything for the green thumb.

Garden Equipment

Upgrade your gardening game with our top-notch equipment. For gardens that speak volumes.

Garden Furniture

Relax and unwind with our stylish garden furniture. Comfort meets nature.

Artificial Plants

Evergreen beauty without the upkeep. Our artificial plants add life to any space.

Educational Trips

Explore with our educational trips. Knowledge comes alive outside the classroom

A brief overview of Green Mall's mission and values

Mission Statement:

Green Mall, spread across 12 acres of lush greenery, is dedicated to a noble mission. Our focus transcends monetary gains as we endeavor to cultivate a profound bond between individuals and the environment. In our green wonderland, we pay homage to Maa Prakriti (Mother Nature) and seek to inspire eco-conscious living and harmonious coexistence with the natural world.

Core Values:

  1. Environmental Stewardship: Green Mall takes its role as Earth’s steward seriously. Our commitment revolves around sustainable practices, conservation efforts, and responsible land management.


Satisfied customers

About Green Guru

Welcome to Green Mall – A Botanical Paradise in Kolkata!

Nestled in the serene landscape of Shamukpota near Bakrahat, just 11 kilometers from the heart of Kolkata, lies a verdant haven like no other. Established in 2007 by the green-thumbed visionary Dinesh Chandra Rawat, Green Mall proudly stands as India’s pioneering garden center, a testament to our passion for nurturing the beauty of nature.
At Green Mall, we celebrate the essence of greenery in its myriad forms. As you enter our sanctuary, you’ll be embraced by a captivating world of flora, from majestic trees to delicate flowers, aromatic herbs, and exquisite shrubs. But that’s not all; our treasure trove extends beyond plants to a store that houses all the gardening essentials and whimsical accessories you could ever dream of.
But we’re not merely a garden centre, we’re your partners in all things green. Our commitment to you goes beyond offering stunning botanical wonders and gardening supplies. We provide comprehensive gardening services, including expert landscaping, dedicated plant care, and eco-friendly pest control solutions, all designed to bring your garden dreams to life.

Why is Green Mall different from other nurseries?

Green Mall

Green Mall is more than just a plant haven – we’re your guide to thriving gardens. Discover the best plants for Kolkata’s unique conditions, expert design and maintenance services, and a wealth of resources to fuel your gardening journey.
Green Mall is a Nursery spread over twelve acres of fertile land and is famous for grown-up and mature trees and palms. Fully grown trees and palms as large as 45 feet sit in heavy-duty planters and are ready to be transported for plantation all over India.



Green Mall - The Best Plant Nursery In Kolkata


Hear from our happy
customers review

Swapna Shaw

Green Mall in Kolkata offers a delightful garden shopping experience with its vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of stores. The lush greenery throughout the mall creates a refreshing ambiance, making it a unique and pleasant place to shop. The variety of shops caters to different tastes and preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone. The food court provides a tasty array of options, and the friendly staff contribute to an overall enjoyable visit. Green Mall stands out as a wonderful destination for both shopping enthusiasts and those looking for a relaxing day out.

Akash Ghosh

I recently visited the Green Mall and was blown away by its stunning atmosphere. A natural greenery and beautifully landscaped spaces create a truly remarkable experience. It's a welcome escape from the typical mall environment and offers a refreshing and inviting ambience. Thanks to the vision and dedication of Green Guru Dinesh Rawat, the Green Mall boasts beautiful trees and a stunning overall environment.

Chetan Agarwal

Very beautiful place. Lot of option for plants. There price are also reasonable. One must visit who r looking for home garden. There owners are also very nice and humble. We all had a nice time. Thnx a lot green mall

Molay Dey

A pleasant place to play into the lap of nature. Highly recommended place for all nature lovers.

debanjan neogi

Green mall is a great place for plant lovers to start with. I mean the variety of plants spread over a massive area is just delight.. People associated there have a real passion for plants and it’s not just pure business.. The cost of plants are way cheaper than any online sites u can search and the quality of plants is amazing.. Though it took me more than an hour to reach but it was definitely worth it .. A special mention for Mr Rawat who insights are just wonderful to hear!!!! Just a caution please make sure u have sufficient time to visit the place as it took me almost a day including my travel time…

Customer Video Reviews

Customer Video Reviews


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We collaborate with 20k+ leading
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