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Rivulite Aqua (Drip Irrigation Kit)

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Rivulite-aqua is an automatic irrigation solution for your home garden. You can set up the Rivulite water system framework in your garden, plan the watering according to your decision.

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Rivulite-water will consequently keep an eye on darling plants. Rivulite-water depends on the guideline of trickle water system innovation which has demonstrated to be one of the most ecologically manageable and proficient strategies for flooding plants and fields. The item contributes to sparing noteworthy measures of water by giving the perfect measure of water at set stretches. ‘Fit-set-overlook’ Avoid the issues of watering by hand, finished – watering and wastage of water. Rivulite-water gives the necessary measure of water to each plant at the root zone, making solid and clean nursery condition. ‘Quicker and more astute approach to flood’. Rivulite-water is upheld with a BlueTooth application and can be controlled with your smartphone. Supported by Bluetooth Application Operate Rivulite-water with your cell phones “Quicker and Smarter approach to Irrigate”.Save Time and Money A programmed and bother free watering answer for your home nursery. Rivulite-water offers the office of planning your water flexibly, setting aside time and cash both. Deliver Water to Roots of the Plant Best in class drippers guarantee the necessary water to each plant at the root zone and make a sterile nursery environment. Hassle-Free, No Electricity


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