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Kolkata people need healthy, disease-free indoor plants. Green Mall ensures that its indoor plants are organically grown, healthy and woody. Vermicompost Special soil rich in cocoa-pith and fortified with fulvic acid and humic acid.

Breathe Easier: Healthy, Organic Indoor Plants at Green Mall for Kolkata

Kolkata people yearn to connect with nature in their homes. Green Mall lives! That’s why we offer organically grown, healthy and stunning indoor woody plants – the perfect way to improve air quality and transform your space.

Why does organic growth matter for indoor plants

Healthy Air: Plants grown without harsh chemicals naturally clean the air better, removing toxins for a healthier home.

Hardy plants: Organic methods are less likely to produce resistant plants and pests, which means your green companions live longer.

Peace of mind: When you’re in Greenmall, you know you’re bringing home plants that are free of harmful residues, and that’s especially important for families and pet owners.

Enriched soil by Green Mall: The secret to lush landscapes filled with vermicompost and coco-peat: Our soil mix is ​​rich in nutrients, promoting lush foliage and vibrant foliage. Fortified with fulvic and humic acids, these natural wonders promote root health, strengthening plants from the inside out. The result: bushy, vibrantly coloured plants that testify to our dedication to quality.

Explore the Green Mall's indoor oasis

Variety options: From classic favourites to spectacular eye-catchers, find the perfect plant to match your style.

Expert guidance: Our blog and knowledgeable staff are here to help you choose and care for your new plant friends.
Diverse Selection: From classic favourites to eye-catching exotics, find the perfect plants to match your style.

Expert Guidance: Our blog and knowledgeable staff are here to help you choose and care for your new plant friends.

Call to Action: Ready for a greener, healthier home? Visit Green Mall today and explore our breathtaking collection of organic indoor plants. Your Kolkata sanctuary awaits!
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