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Hanging Jute Grow Bag – 2 pockets-Natural Color


Jute hanging vertical planter made from 100% biodegradable Natural Organic Jute, so it will not be durable as your plastic pots but if you use as a cover or container for any pot than it will be durable up to years along with managing temperature of soil media what will help to intake nutrients by roots in any season.

You can also call this Eco-friendly Pocket planter.

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Brand: Green Mall
Suitable For: Hanging Succulents & Cactus, Decoration & Feature Wall, Balcony & Kitchen Gardening, Sprucing up your Fence & Welcome areas.
How to Use: (a) Placed Potted Plants directly in the pockets & change them from time to time as you like.

(b) Use a Water Sprayer, Watering CAN or Water adequately directly to keep the plants healthy.

How to Hang: Use Screws or any outward extension to Hang using the wooden rings provided. Else, You can place a Rod or Dowel through the Hooks & Hang as required.

Country of Origin:  India


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